Cheshire Cat


Day 49: WACKY Wednesday


My daughter has a strange sense of what is wacky.  I thought I would help her to understand better when you are drawing something wacky it should make you laugh and have strange reactions.  This cat does that for me.  To those of you having a hard time,  remember that January is always the hardest month of the year.  There is a sudden let down from the holidays.  Bills start to overwhelm you.  The resolutions are pushing their weight around and depression from the winter blues start to take hold.  This month I am going to draw things that are light and fun and interesting and bring hope to your heart.
pencil drawing of the cheshire cat


Remember you can do it. We are here to become great.  Though the Cheshire cat was different from all other cats it used it to its advantage.  It magnified its best qualities and embarrassed its unusual-ness and gave hope and knowledge to a confused and scared girl.  Let us help others. Let us embarrass are goodness and uniqueness and love life.

I say this as I am sitting at my husband’s desk with sleeping kids and animals in the house.  The sun is shining on the white snow that has been here for weeks.  But it is bright and sunny, where yesterday it was foggy and gray.

Remember the sun will shine in your life again.  Just find the opening in the clouds.

Jeweled Square


Day 48: Tangled Tuesday –

This is a watercolor in jeweled colors.  I am working on technique and color placement.  This was a relaxing image to do.

Watercolor zentangle

This was drawn as my husband is on a business trip.  I had the kids sitting at the dining room table drawing and playing with Playdoh.  This was so pleasant and a good time.  I am glad I am teaching my kids to enjoy the arts.  I wish I did this more with my older boy.  He has a good talent for art.  He could be something but I did not push him.  Now, I think he is lost the love for it or more like never grasped the love of it.

Green Apple


Day 47: Monday Madness

I saw a you tube video on how to draw a crystal apple. I drew a good looking version of it and then my dear, precious son went and tore it up.   I decided for Monday Madness was to repeat the drawing in two different types of media.  This will be the madness is to do the drawing three times.

This apple is done in marker.  I am trying to get an understanding of how to use markers.Green glass crystal apple in marker

This apple is done in colored pencil.  I need a lot more practice for this to be great.  However, instead of looking like a glass apple it gives more of a realistic feel to it.

Green glass crystal apple in colored pencil

I am having problems getting a white pencil, marker, pen or instrument that works over the painting.  Next, I am going to try paint and pastel.




Christmas Drawings


Day 44, 45 and 46

During the Christmas holiday, I did a lot of art but it was in the form of a quilt for my son, helping my mom get her pillows done for Christmas gifts, sewing, sewing and more sewing.  Therefore, the drawing took a back placement to the things that needed to get done. However, I did get a few drawings done and then I forgot my flash drive that had them on there.  It was a big mess.  I thought I would get it resolved after the first of the year.

Here it is. There are three drawings in three different types of media, marker, watercolor, and pencil.


This is from a book about patience and waiting to be rewarded.  This is a marker drawing.


patience is rewarding to the bunny that waits for the carrot to grow

The foxy lips.  This is a new trend to drawing animals on one’s lips.  I thought this would be a fun drawing.  The media is watercolor.  It is an interesting trend that I am not sure I will be practicing until it is Halloween.

watercolor lips painted fox


The last of the drawings for now is a sketch of a girl with glasses. This is a practice.  I know it is not that good but I have to start somewhere. Right?  I thought if I want to get good I need to draw and draw and draw. This is just a make believe person.  I did not use a photograph or person to sit for the drawing.

girl with glass is a pencil sketch

Christmas Lines


Day 43:  Tangled Tuesday-  I have been wanting to do this style but have not been able to pull it off until now.  I am learning when to use restraint and when to go for it.  This is an piece that restraint works best.  There is a lot of shading also involved and the known tangled patterns. This reminds me for ornaments hanging on Christmas lines.

Zentangle Tuesday, Christmas lights, and ornaments combined

Snowman globe


snowman, snow globe, and ribbonDay 42: Spiritual Sunday- I just think of snow globes as a Christmas thing.  Thus, is something that reminds me of the Savior and Sundays.  There is a link in there for Sundays.  This is a world were all things are known and protected.  However, in our world we must get that through faith and obedience to God’s laws and gospel.

Basic Shapes


Day 41: Fundamental Friday-  This is just a practice in basic shapes.  I just liked the layout and the perfect ability to practice shading and 3D drawing.

Basic fundamental shapes





Day 40 – Zentangle Tuesday:

Wow.  This has been a great adventure into the world of art.  I have completed 40 days.  To me this is more than I can believe I would do.  I am so happy that I am still wanting to continue.  I am however not completely every days work.  There are days here and there that I have no drawing for but I am hoping that as soon as my husband gets a break from school he will be able to take up the slack and I will be able to complete any missing drawings.


Christmas break you are mine and I will be drawing until my hands cramp and my mind goes blank.  Love it.

Today, I am just having a colorful Zen day and going into the world of geometric shapes and fractals.  I know this is not a true form but it is cool and artistry does have the ability to take license with it.  Color it is and Christmas is coming.  This reminds me of a poinsettia plant.  What does it look like to you?  Have a good day.Color Zentangle mandala

Ruler gauges and dreams


Day 39: Monday Madness –

This came from a dream I had last night.  I dreamt that I met a genius.  She was working for this coming named “Neil Armstrong Corp.”  It’s president was a Mormon Scientist.  Now remember, this is a dream.  Alright,  I wanted to get in the company, so I had her help me.  To get in you needed a chip in your finger.  This was swiped in front of a scanner and detected.  If not, there were security guards there to throw you out.  But I had her swipe in twice once before me a bit and then she came around again and we swiped again together.  I know in real life that shouldn’t have worked but this was a dream and I acknowledge the fault of the work as it was going on.  But since it was a dream I got in.

She lead me upstairs to the second floor where she worked.  It reminds me of a sweat shop.  There were people there from age 6 to 86.  They where packed into tight together.  Some people had desks but there was no room between desks.  The desks were touching side by side.  The people, the company hired, were special.  The people were geniuses, psyches, gifted people.  I thought I should not fit in.  But I was so curious about everything that was going on I wanted to know what they were doing.

So, the woman I was with went to work using this gadget.  It looks like a simple ruler system of some sort.  But those with the gift could read the information it would project when the right combinations where linked together.  I could not fathom what this meant.  Of course, curiosity killed the cat and it was about it kill me. Rulers, dreams, measuring systems, pencil drawing

I asked her to see hers for a minute.  She was kind and granted me access.  I took into my hands.  It felt like a bunch of rulers.  I started to fumble with each ruler crossing them and then combining areas.  When I did this a vision over took me,  I was in a building were a party was going on.  I was outside the doors on the 10th floor.  It was an exclusive party only the best of the best were there.  Everyone was dressed up as though it was a masquerade party.  I continued in the party for a bit and then I back into my present form.  I had to breath in deeply.  My friend took the ruler out of my hands and wrote down the coordinates I had found. 

We were both surprised by the event that had just taken place.  She asked me what happened and I told her the vision.  She stated that had never happened to her.  She just saw the numbers enlarge and glow when the coordinates were found.  She asked me to try it again but no luck . Soon, it was time to leave for the day and everyone left. This was just the start of the dream.  Perhaps, I will draw more magical pieces. Today, something simple became something magical.  I love dreams like that.

Flower sketches


Day 38: Sketching Saturday –


How often do you draw flowers?  This was an interesting drawing because it is definitely not perfect.  The flowers are all out of proposition.  The work is sub-par.  However, there was a metamorphosis that came about as I started to detail the flowers.  The ribbon flower at the bottom started to have a pin-wheel look to it.  The middle one stopped looking like a bunch of lines in a chaotic jumble of slop.  And the top one, began to take on a 3D affect.  Originally, it looked like on flower but now it looks like a flower like unto a lily on a lily pad floating on the water.  Thus, I have learned the power of shading and detailing.   sketching, flowers, pencil drawing, a bit of Zentangling

Never give up on a drawing until you have done the shading.  Also, remember sketching is not about exactness.