Drawing the Spots


For the past week in between other drawings and writings,  I have been working on a school project.  At the beginning I thought I could get it started and if I didn’t complete I would at start to understand the methods the teacher was proposing.


After posting my work on Facebook, I had a friend ask if she could get a copy to.share with her mother. Her mother loves all things giraffe. With this knowledge and request how could I leave it unfinished. So, I told my self work on it until you can’t anymore. That is what I did. Pencil after pencil level after level. That produced this. Do you know how tedious it is to make and color those spots? OVER AND OVER AGAIN. One million one, one million two.

Now, I could say it was done but the teacher asked us to apply a background. Thus, I could not leave it again incomplete.  My daughter suggested it sitting under a tree. Good idea I thought.  Here is an interesting fact. The giraffe is darker in the finished work. Nonetheless, drawing a background toned to giraffe down.  Plus, the lighting could have effected it, too. Final result is this.

I love how it turned out. I have even had a request for it. I am doing prints. If anyone wants one let me know. I will understand if it goes in the bathroom where you have a Safari theme going.

Please feel free to comment on it. If you see anything wrong or love it. I would love to hear it. You can’t get good if everyone stays silent.







This week I have been focusing on many things.  I have been drawing both illustrations and portrait drawing.  I have been writing and rewriting all week.  Now, I am at a point to post.  So, today is a dump of all my work this week.  Sorry, to post all at once but at least I am posting.

The idea was from three illustrations I saw on Pinterest.  I would give credit but I could not find the artist.  I have combined them into one story.  I love it.  I thought of it as two kids, probably siblings playing in the rain and it got a little windy.  The hurricanes have been hitting the USA and I have been thinking about them.  I did not know what I could do but then I drew this.  I think it is to show – I am thinking of all of you.  I can’t help much but I can pray for you.

The next one is

This drawing is from an AGT contestant, Evie Claire.  I, too, am mormon and when I heard that her father past away yesterday my heart was saddened.  I saw her talking about him on the show.  She portrayed such beauty and innocence.  Thank you.  This is such a wonderful thing in such harshness.  I appreciate your valor and strength.  I had to draw it.  I know I did not put a face in.  This is because I believe there are many people – girls, women, and teens that have this innocence and purity.  I thought you could put in the person you see.

I think purity, innocence, and cleanness of mind are some of the the greatest attributes a person could possess.

I know you, Evie and your family are going through a tremendously hard time.  Prayers of a stranger are with you.  There is a story that I heard that has given me a lot of strength. It is Blessings by Laura Story.  I hope you will hear it and gain strength, too.  Thank our Heavenly Father that families are forever.  We just miss them in between time.

First day of art school


Today was the first day of art school. I am in an online class. The courses are through a place called It is wonderful to be learning at my on pace, in my home, and from such a great artist.  I have already started learning. Also, how great is it, when you are required to doodle during class? It is fabulous.  So, the teacher was drawing a dog and he drew a caricature of it. I thought how fun is that. Let me try. Here is my attempt.  So, cute. Well, I think so. You be the judge.




Hello, my friends!

I am so excited.  I had a birthday two days ago.  Usually, birthday’s are okay but nothing special.  I am not a tiny person so I don’t like many clothes.  We are on a budget so extravagant gifts don’t interest me.  Most of the time I don’t get anything too special.  This birthday was so simple but wonderful.  My husband has been so supportive of my going back into art and writing.  As you can see, I am slowly building an art and writing collections.  My husband talked with me extensively about what I needed to accomplish it.  Then knowing that we could not buy all the markers that I needed from on brand, he asked me what other alternative brands I would want.  He bought me an 80-piece set of those markers and behind the scenes bought me a small set of the great markers to start off my great collection.  What a thoughtful man.  So, here is a picture of the bouquet of markers he got me.

Isn’t it beautiful? It is a mix of Ohuhu markers, Copic skin colored markers (the great collection) and Copic blender markers.

That’s the gift.  Here is my gift to y’all.  I hope it is a gift.  This is my first drawing in marker with blending.

Does that bring a smile to your face?  I hope so.  Can’t you just imagine a child wanting a lollipop that big?  And the dog helping himself to what he can.   I loved how the image turned out.  I know it isn’t perfect.  It was the first time I used some of my skills.

Here is the newest news.  Starting Monday, my daughter and I are taking courses at a professional art school.  We are absolutely excited. Time to shine and step up to something wonderful.

Back to the drawing. At first, I did not like it. Therefore, I redrew it in and colored it in colored pencil.  Here is the result of that.



A little bit of difference.  What do you think? Which on do you like the most?   

Well, that is it for today.  Have a good day, my friend.                                  

Morning Motivation


Here is today’s drawing.  This is an extremely quick note taking project.  I am so glad I did this.  The information and drawings are based on a video from Bobby Chiu called “Morning Motivation.” This is one of the best videos I have watched.  So good, that I decided to draw it into my journal to reference time after time.  I believe this is the recipe for success in any endeavor.  Here is my journal entry.

Bobby Chiu’s Morning Motivation click here to watch 



Set things up for tomorrow

  1. It is easier to start focusing when everything is already set up for you to just run with it.
  2. Start a drawing or painting the night before. This way you do not have the blank page problem.  This is where you look at a blank page and have not inspiration before it is just a blank page.

    Opinion: This is a great idea.  I, even, wrote a short story about that blank page or the wall that we hit called writer’s block or painter’s block.  See I wonder if having a second piece of scrap paper there to scribble on until your idea is good or do you have to draw on that blank paper to help. What helps you to get over a block or blank page fright?


Punch laziness in the face

  1. Our brains will talk us out of what we plan on doing.  It wants to be lazy.
  2. Our brains are awesome servants but not good masters.
  3. Commit to 2 minutes of drawing, etc. when your brain says not too. Opinion: 
    1. This reminds me of Newton’s First law of motion.  (An object at rest stays at rest.  An object in motion stays in motion.  Each of these things stays the same unless moved upon by an external force.
    2. A few weeks ago a woman hated her life.  She was at rock bottom.  The alarm would go off and she would stay in bed sometimes for hours.  One day, she was sick of this life and wanted to do something about it.  But her mind would talk her out of it.  Well, another day passed.  Finally, one specific day her alarm went off and her mind was talking her out of it, she decided to count down from 5 and she would get out of bed.  Surprisingly, it worked.  By counting down from 5, it distracted her mind from persuading her to do anything else.  She got up.  I believe this method of counting down from 5 would work for negativism when needing to work or draw or whatever you are doing and your mind is saying the opposite.  Now, remember to evaluate what it is you want to do and what your mind is saying. Is it just negativism or protection?  If it is negativism start with 5 and go down.  If it is protection stop and look at what you are doing.  Is it safe?  
    3. Another person taught me to always be in your safety zone but never in your comfort zone.  More on this another day.


Time is ticking

    1. How many things can you accomplish in a lifetime? (If you start at 20 yrs old to work on films, you could have an average of 10 films in your lifetime.)
    2. How many books or paintings can you do in your lifetime?  If you are starting late then it will be even less.  Why wait until you think you are good?

Opinion: This was a reality check.  I am in my forties.  I need to get to work but for my daughter who is an artist and in her teens so much time to work on things she will love.  Let’s get to work and do and be AMAZING. (Can I sing this? AMAZING!! ) We can do it.  

Don’t wait to feel ready

  1. Start now before you think you are good enough.
  2. Get over the negative thoughts that run through your brain.

Opinion: I have mixed feeling about this.  There is a time to just study and learn but wants the initial time of studying is done – go and submit.  Right?  Don’t wait too long.  I am talking six months after people start to say it is good.  Don’t wait.  Remember you don’t have long before it becomes too late to do many things.  If you want to be a book illustrator how many can you do? The number you can do shrinks with each passing year.  

I heard of one person that illustrated books while in high school. Another submitted his work to Disney before he was out of high school. He was offered a job before he even graduated from school.  You don’t need to have everything completed before you submit or try for other things.

 Visualize accomplishing your goal

  1. Focus on the goal, not the “I can’t’s.”
  2. Focus on the steps one at a time.
  3. Focus on the end goal.
  4. Picture it clearly.

Opinion: People mock and laugh at me because I believe I can do so much.  Well, this technique is why I believe that.  I set in front of myself a goal.  Then I figure out how to accomplish that goal.  If the steps have something in it that I don’t know how to do then I schedule to learn it as part of the steps. Last, I do it step by step with the end goal in sight.  

My husband always asks me a question when things get hard or I want to quit.  He asks, “Hunny, how do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.  Go and do that one step and then another.”  Such a good husband. 

Focus. Focus. Focus.  If you are focused on the goal, you don’t have room in your mind for negativism.

Well, thanks for reading.  Good-day everyone.

Robot Selfie


Today, I am going to do a core dump as my husband calls it.  I have been working really hard for the last week.  I am working on overcoming laziness and weakness and focusing on goals by doing one step at a time.  It is a little hard when I had a lot of distractions but I am working all hours of the day and night to accomplish it.  So, first on is a drawing.  My daughter dubbed it “Robot selfie with a nebula”.  She is so cute about names.

It is done with cheaper colored pencils with an alcohol treatment and a white acrylic paint for highlights.

I started to use my Instagram account more often and use my phone.  So, please bear with me while I work the kinks out of my posting habits.  I will get good at this.  I will. I will. 

Still life drawing – Stereo speaker


This is just a practice drawing.  I was trying to do a realistic image with using only a #2 pencil.  This was something in front of me. I am not saying it is perfect.  In fact, it is anything but perfect.  I am just trying to do something that I don’t always do. Practice makes perfect, right.  Must of the time, drawing is 90% practice and 10% natural ability.  I was also working through the logical ability of study and the creativity.