Crossed Eyed LadyBug


Day 50:  Madness Monday

found on pinterestSometimes, I see a drawing that I think is so cute I have to recreate it.  However, I have heard that the best compliment in art is to copy and make the original image your own.  I own I did this yesterday.  I saw this image and then I just thought that putting a pencil in between the eyes wasn’t me.  I had to do more.   I pondered it with my husband for a few minutes as he was carting our son away to go to bed.  That is when the ladybug came to made.  Then I had to research an image of a ladybug.  I found this one.  Oh I love its uniqueness.  I know everyone says they have to have spots on their back.  This one didn’t. It had them on its head instead.  I love it.  What do you think?

Crossed Eyed ladybug digitally colored drawn in pencil

To me this was a great way to be life and light into a sad day.  We had to go to a funeral yesterday and I just wanted to do something less sad.  The lady loved red.  This is a tribute to her and her family.

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