Emerald Necklace


Day 52: Wacky wednesday

I just wanted to get my mind off of yesterday or more like process everything yesterday.  I don’t know how or what to say or do.  I have been eerily calm about it, inside and outward.  I just hate that he lied to me.  That is what it boiled down to.

Anyway,  I think I wanted to do something that was on the realistic side of things instead of the screaming and throwing a tantrum side that is wanting to come out but is buried quite far from the surface.

I pick the emerald because I knew I had the colors for it.  This is done in mostly watercolor with a bit of ink, pencil and marker.  I can’t believe I drew that..

Mixed Media art of an emerald necklace

3 Responses to Emerald Necklace

  1. very nice! I’d love that necklace. 🙂 Do you know what day it is or is this from the future?

  2. or is it the year?

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