House and Water


Friday Fundamentals – Day 61:

What a great way to practice shading, highlighting and using the darker pencils.  I loved this practice.  I did not think it would go so well.  I loved the look.  I did not think of how detailed it would look but I took a lesson on drawing water and he demonstrated great technique and instruction.  This is Darrel Tank with Five Pencil Method.  I love his work.  He has a great way of teaching how to get things to look real.  I hope I can take that into other areas of drawing and painting.

This was a great motivation. When you get good instruction, it is easier to get better and faster, too.

Pouring water is a pencil drawing


Sketching Saturday – Day 62:

I had only 40 interrupted minutes to draw.  I wanted to start to draw buildings.  This is an interesting one to draw but it was too detailed to get done in a short time frame.  I hope I can come back to this one and finish it. Can you believe the sag on that roof?  What time does if there is no one to fix it and keep it up.  Sorry for the lightness of the drawing.  This is just a quick sketch/outline.  I was going to go in and darken and highlight later.

Old House set in the country. This is a first level drawing with a level 4H pencil Will try to finish at another time.

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