Messy bun with plumerias


Day 57: (Thursday – Human drawings) –

As you can see I am redrawing one I have already done. This is with the intent to perfect for a friend.  It reminds her of her lovely daughter that has passed away.  I trying to work on it to get it perfect for her and on canvas.  This is just an approval version not the finished one.  However, I think there are two things I will change as I am looking at it. The hair at the bottom needs to be separated and the hair needs more contrast/  However, I am much happier with it.  It is so elegant.

Messy bun with plumerias


This is also the second drawing I did while sick.  I am trying to push through this though yesterday I was down for the count. Today, I have bounced back and ready to fight this awful cold.

Oh just for reference here is the original.  What do you think about the changes?

Messy bun sketch illustration in pencil and pen

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