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Here is today’s drawing.  This is an extremely quick note taking project.  I am so glad I did this.  The information and drawings are based on a video from Bobby Chiu called “Morning Motivation.” This is one of the best videos I have watched.  So good, that I decided to draw it into my journal to reference time after time.  I believe this is the recipe for success in any endeavor.  Here is my journal entry.

Bobby Chiu’s Morning Motivation click here to watch 



Set things up for tomorrow

  1. It is easier to start focusing when everything is already set up for you to just run with it.
  2. Start a drawing or painting the night before. This way you do not have the blank page problem.  This is where you look at a blank page and have not inspiration before it is just a blank page.

    Opinion: This is a great idea.  I, even, wrote a short story about that blank page or the wall that we hit called writer’s block or painter’s block.  See I wonder if having a second piece of scrap paper there to scribble on until your idea is good or do you have to draw on that blank paper to help. What helps you to get over a block or blank page fright?


Punch laziness in the face

  1. Our brains will talk us out of what we plan on doing.  It wants to be lazy.
  2. Our brains are awesome servants but not good masters.
  3. Commit to 2 minutes of drawing, etc. when your brain says not too. Opinion: 
    1. This reminds me of Newton’s First law of motion.  (An object at rest stays at rest.  An object in motion stays in motion.  Each of these things stays the same unless moved upon by an external force.
    2. A few weeks ago a woman hated her life.  She was at rock bottom.  The alarm would go off and she would stay in bed sometimes for hours.  One day, she was sick of this life and wanted to do something about it.  But her mind would talk her out of it.  Well, another day passed.  Finally, one specific day her alarm went off and her mind was talking her out of it, she decided to count down from 5 and she would get out of bed.  Surprisingly, it worked.  By counting down from 5, it distracted her mind from persuading her to do anything else.  She got up.  I believe this method of counting down from 5 would work for negativism when needing to work or draw or whatever you are doing and your mind is saying the opposite.  Now, remember to evaluate what it is you want to do and what your mind is saying. Is it just negativism or protection?  If it is negativism start with 5 and go down.  If it is protection stop and look at what you are doing.  Is it safe?  
    3. Another person taught me to always be in your safety zone but never in your comfort zone.  More on this another day.


Time is ticking

    1. How many things can you accomplish in a lifetime? (If you start at 20 yrs old to work on films, you could have an average of 10 films in your lifetime.)
    2. How many books or paintings can you do in your lifetime?  If you are starting late then it will be even less.  Why wait until you think you are good?

Opinion: This was a reality check.  I am in my forties.  I need to get to work but for my daughter who is an artist and in her teens so much time to work on things she will love.  Let’s get to work and do and be AMAZING. (Can I sing this? AMAZING!! ) We can do it.  

Don’t wait to feel ready

  1. Start now before you think you are good enough.
  2. Get over the negative thoughts that run through your brain.

Opinion: I have mixed feeling about this.  There is a time to just study and learn but wants the initial time of studying is done – go and submit.  Right?  Don’t wait too long.  I am talking six months after people start to say it is good.  Don’t wait.  Remember you don’t have long before it becomes too late to do many things.  If you want to be a book illustrator how many can you do? The number you can do shrinks with each passing year.  

I heard of one person that illustrated books while in high school. Another submitted his work to Disney before he was out of high school. He was offered a job before he even graduated from school.  You don’t need to have everything completed before you submit or try for other things.

 Visualize accomplishing your goal

  1. Focus on the goal, not the “I can’t’s.”
  2. Focus on the steps one at a time.
  3. Focus on the end goal.
  4. Picture it clearly.

Opinion: People mock and laugh at me because I believe I can do so much.  Well, this technique is why I believe that.  I set in front of myself a goal.  Then I figure out how to accomplish that goal.  If the steps have something in it that I don’t know how to do then I schedule to learn it as part of the steps. Last, I do it step by step with the end goal in sight.  

My husband always asks me a question when things get hard or I want to quit.  He asks, “Hunny, how do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.  Go and do that one step and then another.”  Such a good husband. 

Focus. Focus. Focus.  If you are focused on the goal, you don’t have room in your mind for negativism.

Well, thanks for reading.  Good-day everyone.

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