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Resolution time you would think has started late for me. I started a new diet today.  Well, the resolution was made on New Year’s but I took my time to implement it.  The reason.  Are there times in your life when you want to do something but you are not sure you know how or the concept you want to achieve  is only half-baked.  Well,  that was this goal.  So, instead of just doing something to start the goal, I started to research as the start of the goal.

I have been having a hard time with coming up with a diet plan.  I wanted something that follows the Word of Wisdom.  I think this applies. Though it doesn’t have grains at first, they come back in a great and pure form. That is a huge deal for me.  This seems like a diet that I can do from this point on.


Day 1:   Always hungry? by David Ludwig, MD, PhD

The diet has a 7 day prep time before you even start the diet.  This is the first time I have heard of that happening.  I liked the book.  It gives great detail and background information.  The information helps to understand why this diet should work and why other diets fail with studies and reasoning behind it.  I have read the book, organized the weekly plan and done the prep work.  I am grateful for the time to prep.

The first day is I thought I would have a lot of problems.  I have started many of diets but after a few hours I get cranky, weak and out of control.  This time, I had none of that.  I was able to go into town shop for hours then come home and make dinner.  Normally, I have been too weak to make dinner after shopping in town.  Today that was not the case I had energy.

There is a lot of food.  More than I could eat.  The recipes for today were good and enjoyable to eat. I do have craving but that was because I did not eat the lunch as advised. Part of the reason for skipping lunch was because I went into town and I wasn’t hungry until I came home and dinner was getting made with the snacks I didn’t have too much problem with missing lunch until later in the evening but the dessert they suggest did help in the long run.  (Like the run on sentence.) I am going to keep on going try the diet tomorrow.  I look forward to tomorrows meals.


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