Day 54 and 55: Fundamental Friday and Sketching Saturday

Plumeria outline drawn in pencil


I don’t know what has happened to me.  I feel as though my hands are drawing better than my mind can image things.  It is amazing how free and focused I have become in my drawing time.  I am loving it.

Plumeria drawn in pencil

Yesterday was really busy and I was up until 2 am with my son who decided not to go to sleep until after 1am. Anyway,  I woke up with a headache and about 5 hours of sleep on a Saturday morning with no obligations.  I haven’t had a day like that in a long time but the dogs wanted out and my husband was outside, too early for me, and so I was beckoned to awake and get to work.  I tried to go back to bed but no luck. Have you had a day or two like that?


Thus, I was grumpy, tired and had the headache.  Once breakfast was on and I started to lighten up my husband took compassion on me and let me have the day to myself.  How wonderful that was!!  I decided to draw.

plumerias drawn with a Kuretake brush pen

I have a piece that I am needing to work on.  I was askedto draw Thursday drawing on canvas to be framed and displayed.  It is a friend of mine.  She asked that Plumeria be placed in the girl’s hair.  They looked easy enough to draw.  Today, I took on the challenge to draw the flower.

In the process of drawing these flowers, I got done with the outline and did not know how to process.  With my daughter’s suggestion and my mother’s backing that idea.  I decided to copy the drawing on to cardstock and use several different medias to capture the essence of the work.

Plumeria drawn and colored in watercolor, white ink and pencil

I am so glad I did.  What is your favorite?  The outline, brush pen with teal, the watercolor or the all pencil draw.

Plumeria drawn in pencil plumerias drawn with a Kuretake brush pen Plumeria drawn and colored in watercolor, white ink and pencil


Mine is the all pencil drawing.  My family loved the brush pen with teal drawing.  The watercolor though is beautiful especially in person.

I hope you like it.  Have a good weekend.

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