We, my daughter and I, set a goal to do Inktober.  This is what it is.

Every October, artists all over the world take on the Inktober drawing challenge by doing one ink drawing a day the entire month. -Jake Parker

I have been so excited about it.  Have I talked about it before?  Probably.  For those that follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Tumbler or Twitter you will know I have been obsessed with it.  My poor, poor husband has to listen to it in stereo from my daughter and myself.


Before I started Inktober I practiced beforehand.  This is the finished drawing from the previous post.


I needed a lot of practice before I will be great with some of my pens.  But I loved the effort, I put into this drawing.  Do you all want me to go into details about why I drew what I drew or the meaning of my drawings?

This next drawing was the first day of October and the start of Inktober.  Day one’s theme was “SWIFT”.   I planned out all the month’s drawings with my daughter-in-law.  I was planning on drawing a cheetah riding a bike down a hill.  That would truly fit the theme but that is not what happened.  Saturday was LDS General Conference.  We believe in a prophet and apostles.  We have a semi-annual conference where the apostles and other leaders of the church speak, both women and men give speeches on a spiritual topic.  During or in between these meetings, I was thinking about the first drawing.  I felt the Spirit say to me,

I felt the Spirit say to me, “Are you swift to pray?”  Set an example to bring people until Christ. A cheetah does not bring people unto Christ.  I pondered “Are you swift to pray?” for 24 hours.  I looked online and thought about it.  I saw a photo of a man praying like this and I knew this was what I was going to draw.  All Sunday, I drew this in pencil.  As it was completed I could not bear to have it inked.  However, that was the challenge.  It needed to be inked.  You can sketch it out first in pencil but it has to be in ink.  I did not know what to do.

I got the idea to copy the pencil drawing and then I inked over the copy.  I was not doing this for a commission, so I did not see there being anything wrong with it.  If you have a problem with it let me know in the comments below.  I love the ink drawing, too.  I haven’t learned to draw hands well, yet.  But I did learn how to do curls.  This was my first time to do curls.  I loved the result in both pencil and pen.  Which drawing is your favorite? Pencil or ink?

This next drawing is a two-day drawing.  I have the tree which was penned one day and the rest was sketched, penned and markered the next.  I know markered is not a word but I feel it fits and it should be a word, right?  This challenge theme was Day 2: Divided. Day 3: poisoned.   This is a version of the Tree of Life and Lehi’s Dream from the Book of Mormon.  For Day 2, I have the waters dividing the tree from the big and spacious building.  For Day 3, I have the big and spacious building, itself. Let me give some background on this one.  The tree of life has the glowing fruit that gives joy and eternal life when we are worthy of it. Otherwise, the fruit can be for your damnation.  The tree is fed by the Word of God.  This is the scriptures that are under the tree.  This is also what we should read to feed our spirits. It is through the scriptures, which help us to be clean and listen to the Spirit, who will lead us to the tree.  The river is the filth that flows through the earth trying to separate us from the Word of God and the Tree of Life.  The building is where the world and its alures are that tempt us to do things that will keep us from the tree or entice us to leave the tree and Christ. The building is to be filled with the people of the world, who thought the world was more important than Christ, his teaching and the teaching of the scriptures.  This is the poison for our souls.  If we partake of this poison, we lose our ability be within the presence of God.  For no unclean thing can stand before God and live.

This was my interpretation of the Tree of Life, the big and spacious building and Lehi’s dream.  I would love to take this drawing and expand upon it months from now.  Perhaps, if people are interested in it and it is perfected I will make prints.  Let me know if you would be interested in prints of this or any other drawing.

This one is not so complicated as the previous drawing.  Day 4’s theme was underwater.  With everyone and their dog drawing mermaids, fish and scuba divers.  I wanted to go a different route.  I thought of drawing a person being baptized but I was not feeling it.  In my search for all things underwater, I saw underwater dogs by Seth Casteel.  It was perfect.  When I saw this little puppy I loved it and began to sketch it.  I need to work on bubbles some more but what I am getting more confident with using markers.  I have had them just over a month.  I love all things cute and innocent.  You will not get any evil or mean looking drawings from me.  If you see one, you have my permission to chew me out and remind me of this post.

This last p0st is my daughter’s.  It is her Day 1 drawing.  I wanted to show you how good she is at 12 years old.  I think she will be surpassing me in the near future if I don’t keep pushing myself to be better.  I hope one day we can draw together on a project or two.  I will not push her into it.  This is all on her own with her own ideas and likes.


So, are you sick of drawings yet? Well, you have breathe-one days of drawings before I can breathe and change subjects.  However, in the meantime, I have a story that is getting edited now.   Please, feel free to comment and critic my work.  I can only get better if people express their views.



Again. Thanks for reading.  See you next week or before, if I can get the story edited and back.


Drawing the Spots


For the past week in between other drawings and writings,  I have been working on a school project.  At the beginning I thought I could get it started and if I didn’t complete I would at start to understand the methods the teacher was proposing.


After posting my work on Facebook, I had a friend ask if she could get a copy to.share with her mother. Her mother loves all things giraffe. With this knowledge and request how could I leave it unfinished. So, I told my self work on it until you can’t anymore. That is what I did. Pencil after pencil level after level. That produced this. Do you know how tedious it is to make and color those spots? OVER AND OVER AGAIN. One million one, one million two.

Now, I could say it was done but the teacher asked us to apply a background. Thus, I could not leave it again incomplete.  My daughter suggested it sitting under a tree. Good idea I thought.  Here is an interesting fact. The giraffe is darker in the finished work. Nonetheless, drawing a background toned to giraffe down.  Plus, the lighting could have effected it, too. Final result is this.

I love how it turned out. I have even had a request for it. I am doing prints. If anyone wants one let me know. I will understand if it goes in the bathroom where you have a Safari theme going.

Please feel free to comment on it. If you see anything wrong or love it. I would love to hear it. You can’t get good if everyone stays silent.







This week I have been focusing on many things.  I have been drawing both illustrations and portrait drawing.  I have been writing and rewriting all week.  Now, I am at a point to post.  So, today is a dump of all my work this week.  Sorry, to post all at once but at least I am posting.

The idea was from three illustrations I saw on Pinterest.  I would give credit but I could not find the artist.  I have combined them into one story.  I love it.  I thought of it as two kids, probably siblings playing in the rain and it got a little windy.  The hurricanes have been hitting the USA and I have been thinking about them.  I did not know what I could do but then I drew this.  I think it is to show – I am thinking of all of you.  I can’t help much but I can pray for you.

The next one is

This drawing is from an AGT contestant, Evie Claire.  I, too, am mormon and when I heard that her father past away yesterday my heart was saddened.  I saw her talking about him on the show.  She portrayed such beauty and innocence.  Thank you.  This is such a wonderful thing in such harshness.  I appreciate your valor and strength.  I had to draw it.  I know I did not put a face in.  This is because I believe there are many people – girls, women, and teens that have this innocence and purity.  I thought you could put in the person you see.

I think purity, innocence, and cleanness of mind are some of the the greatest attributes a person could possess.

I know you, Evie and your family are going through a tremendously hard time.  Prayers of a stranger are with you.  There is a story that I heard that has given me a lot of strength. It is Blessings by Laura Story.  I hope you will hear it and gain strength, too.  Thank our Heavenly Father that families are forever.  We just miss them in between time.